Friday, 21 August 2009

Stitchels Candle, Wall Hanging, and Card

You are probably bored with me by now! I am not really this prolific, I just had a lot of artwork on my camera and nowhere to put it - until now! So I don't really make this many things in a couple of days.

I love Stitchels, designed by Hels for the Artistic Stamper. They are so versatile and can be used in a cute or a quirky way. I like the fact that all the images are available in different sizes to suit the scale of your project. Candles are my current 'thing' so there is another one to come, the simple card was Staz-On resist, and the wall hanging was made with beer mats, so quick and easy but quite effective, I think. People are worried about my liver with all the pubs I seem to go to, to get these, but actually it is my waistline that is the real problem!

The flowers are Stitchels stamped onto felt, and the wording on the card is on shrink plastic.

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