Thursday, 20 August 2009

Rubber Stamping on Porcelain

Recently my sister in law and my niece, Flossie, kindly took me to a porcelain painting class as a birthday present. I had a fantastic time and made this wine cooler for my husband. Now that I've given it to him, I can upload it. I wasn't sure if stamping would work, and in fact once it had been fired in the kiln, the ink disappeared, which gave a nice subtle effect, but unfortunately means the owl's eyes are less defined. But I will know next time, and would love to go again.


  1. Wow - years ago I did painting on China and Porcelain, and used to have to mix the powdered paints with all sorts of oils before painting, then firing - things have surely changed over the years - so pleased you have started a blog - and looking forward to seeing your work.