Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Alison's Paris Fimo Canvas

Alison has now blogged her canvas from yesterday and it is glorious! You can see it here. It's amazing how two people can sit opposite each other with the same materials all day, but do something completely different, even though we were offering advice to each other! I learnt a lot from doing this yesterday and it wasn't really that easy, but it has given me tips for next time.

It must be tough for Colin having me upload dreadful photos when he is a professional photographer, but I must be independent. I only got my little camera a few months ago and had never held one in my life before. I'm not very technical, and artwork is so difficult to photograph. He just said on the 'phone to switch the flash off and use natural light where possible, and use a consistent backdrop colour, not half carpet showing! He's also said to me in the past to tilt the item if there is a lot of shimmer or any kind of reflective surface. Well, the second lot of photos were an improvement, anyway!

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