Thursday 27 October 2016

Stampbord Mirror - PaperArtsy Squares and Grids Challenge

A great challenge over on PaperArtsy with some great inspiration so far! I thought I would make something that would be useful and I needed a mirror for my dressing table at Mum's, you know, the kind of thing you can grab and hold up a nose length to myopically put on mascara! I've had some wooden ones for ages from the pound stand at shows, which I thought would be perfect surrounded by Stampbord inchies.

I'm having a phase of watercolouring at the moment. Nothing to show you, and probably never will be, but I am improving. Anyway, as an offshoot, I decided to use some dabs of watercolour on the tiles as a change from inks. I have been using one of those mini travel palettes with a small number of colours in that you are supposed to use whilst sitting in a field of poppies. They are ideal for me when sitting in an armchair next to Mum at weekends or for taking to France. I used a selection of Hot Picks stamps for an eclectic look, and embossed them with a purpley-black embossing powder. As I've mentioned before, my room at Mum's is mainly purple, chosen because Col would hate it and I can please myself there. I tidied up the sides and the inner edge of the frame with some heathery-purple velvet ribbon which really finished off the boudoir look.

 I found the watercolours worked really well because where I found I had a blob of purple where a facial feature needed to be prominent, I could take a damp paintbrush and lift some of the colour away.

I am entering this into the PaperArtsy Squares and Grids Challenge which is here.