Friday 21 January 2011

Filter Paper Album - a Tutorial for Gingersnaps

I have been a little quiet on the crafting front as we stayed with my in-laws in the North East for Christmas, and then went to France for New Year. Since I got back last week, I have been making this project for Gingersnaps, which I have enjoyed SO much! As there are lots of sections to it, I was worried about taking over their blog too much, so I thought I would post some of the individual pages and tags here, mainly just with captions, with the step by step tutorial over on Gingersnaps. Hope that will all make sense!

The stamps I have used are Oxford Impressions Bonbon and Afternoon Tea sets, Art Journey Celebrate, and Crafty Individuals CI 277.

Here's the final album, which has individual tags in each of the filter paper 'pockets':-

Two little girls in their best dresses, being taken to the chocolate shop
A selection of tea and coffee advertisements stamped to look like a vintage newspaper
Chocolate related images. I used gold pen for the chocolate cases

The tea pot sits on a white crocheted coaster. The other images are on shrink plastic to be in scale in relation to the tea pot, on my imaginary tea table! The tiny beads create brown sugar.

The little girl from Art Journey 'Celebrate' was a perfect fit to sit on the cup and saucer, again on a crocheted coaster.
Cupid and hearts, with some tiny heart embellishments
Kept this simple to show the chocolate wording in the paper!

More tea and coffee advertisments. I divided the 'poster' image into two sections, separating the images from the words

A tag with a little girl in her party frock, on shrink. The words at the bottom are on shrink, and the awning is German Scrap, from Crafty Individuals

Chocolate related advertisements/logos
A romantic couple taking tea together. The words have been used to frame the image.

More tea advertisements

The poster image, whole this time. Tea definition on shrink, bottom right

Chocolate price list and chocolates. Paper cases coloured with gold pen


  1. Positively gorgeous! I had to come over from Gingersnap to see all the beautiful little tags. Each page, each tag is stunning. Looooove it!

  2. Absolutely stunning - love all the details

  3. Amazingly gorgeous! Love the pinks and all your most lovely details. The shrink plastic images are fabulous. I love playing with shrink plastic! Beautiful!

  4. Such stunning them.

  5. Love the little tags. Always planned on making a filter book but never qute got there - maybe this will motivate me - remember and push me, my friend. Huge fan of OI and CI, which you used beautifully. Good to see you creating :) Lynne xx

  6. Oh Lucy, this is just fabulous. xx

  7. Wow, Lucy this is just terrific! I loved your tutorial and seeing all the pictures here I can see how much you put into creating it all - Wonderful!!

  8. Wow Lucy its gorgeous and I loved your tutorial. A lot of work involved but with beautiful results. Have a great weekend, Annette x

  9. A totally scrumptious project from start to finish! xxx

  10. how gorgeous...the colour is beautiful

  11. Lucy this is amazing! I love it! Of course, I was hooked at the first glance because I absolutely adore pink, but then it just kept getting better and better, lol. This is my third trip here to admire it!

  12. Absolutely fabulous Lucy.
    xxx Hazel.

  13. Gorgeous, Lucy! Thank you for sharing!

  14. Wow, Lucy once again I am stunned by the quality of your work-some beautiful pieces (and so many of them-you have been busy).
    Glad you had a lovely break.

  15. Every page is a delight! Love it!

  16. dear Lucy this is just fabulous! the coloring is beautiful and it is such a creative project. i shall visit gingersnaps to learn more... many thanks, xo

  17. I really have got to go out and buy some of these filters to try your tutorial. Netty and I were wondering about your "Wooden" man????