Saturday 31 July 2010

Charity Shop Evening Bag

Having sneakily got your attention with the slide mailer, I wondered if I could crave your indulgence by uploading the mad evening bag I bought on my forays into the charity shops the other day. One side is quite sane, but the devore side is quite OTT, and the inside clashes again, with a floral fabric, so it is altogether very kitsch. Will I dare to use it?

Thank you for your advice on my glossy accents accident (easy for you to say ....). I will do the stain removal things you have suggested, but may need to resort to some altering and decorating. Will let you know!


  1. I spilled alcohol inks on a blouse the other day! Don't believe there is a fix for that! The handbag is quite awesome and I think you should use it! Have a great weekend!

  2. I'd use it devore side showing all the time, it's lovely!

  3. Go on I dare you!! Not really my cup of tea although I love the acutal shape of the bag. Now a photo of you wearing the blinged up cardigan and bag, pretty please. Lynne x