Saturday, 19 March 2016

These Boots were Made for Walking for PaperArtsy Art Dolls Challenge

 This is honestly the last doll as I'm off in a minute. Spent yesterday walking round the house clutching various dolls between my thumb and forefinger where sections of glue were drying, as you do! I made this one by using one of the Jean Paul Gaultier bottles to make a papier mache torso with a false base (rather than the smaller dolls house mannequin ones I did before). If I had thought through the whole doll (I had no plan at that stage) I would have made the papier mache right up to the chin but unfortunately I ended up making shoulders and neck from paper clay and as I've not used paper clay before, I didn't do it very well. I then painted it Blush and shoved it into the neckline of the 'dress' portion.

You get a lovely base from the bottle. I'm sure I'll be making more of these!

The doll has a wire framework hoop skirt as before, with 2mm wire attached around her waist. I just love her boots which I made from clay stamped in black. They are Lynne Perrella as you can probably guess. So she can walk and fly! It was a bit fiddly as I used lolly sticks (it's been a very Blue Peter week!) for her legs and I made a slit with my craft knife into the base of the torso and shoved the sticks up there and covered the bits that showed with lace, then glued the boots on so she was standing.

The bodice is gorgeous, sequinned flowers in pastel shades attached to taffeta which covers the rest of her torso which you can't see. The fabric for the skirt is beautiful and was given to me many years ago by my dear friend Lynne of Adorn, and I have eked it out on many projects. I just made an elasticated waist and it flared out nicely over the hooped skirt. The cameo is a Primark earring.

 Her wings are grungeboard covered in adhesive metal sheet then put through a cogs folder then rubbed with Chocolate Pudding which was then rubbed off and highlighted with the new Copper. I did the same with two large metal flowers. I stamped the Lynne Perrella face onto a large flat wood bead with Versafine Onyx Black and added some black wool hair and glued (!) it to the two metal flowers and glued it to the wings and the whole lot to the neck of the doll, with some copper wire threaded through the bead and the holes in the flowers for added security. Oh yes I had fun getting everything to stay put!

Wish you could see all the dolls IRL. Will have to find a corner for them to live together. Thank you PaperArtsy for the fun challenge which I am joining in here.


  1. she's great - you've really enjoyed this challenge haven't you?!!

  2. Lucy, thanks so much for your kind comments! I am LOVING your art doll! She's just the coolest and her boots...very sassy! What a fantastic piece.

  3. Wow! You really have aced this challenge Lucy. Your dolls have all been fabulous and this one is no exception. Lx

  4. Another fabulous doll Lucy! Hope to see a pic of all three together.
    Alison xx

  5. Oh wonderful! And I did smile at the thought of you wandering around clutching bits of half-glued doll! Fabulous, quirky work.
    Alison x

  6. Wow, Lucy you really had a good time with the art doll challenge didn't you! Sorry I didn't get to comment at the time but I was internet-less for several days ....long story!!! I love your entries and your innovations have been brilliant. If I had to choose a favourite it would be the birdlady (that made me think of Mary Poppins and the lady feeding the birds) but I think they are all fabulous!

    Lesley Xx

    PS Hope your enjoyed your niece's concert!

  7. Such inventiveness, Lucy. I love it ( and the boots)!

  8. Really inventive, Lucy! I love how she's standing in those Lynne Perrella boots and her head is brilliant too! You will need a massive Dolls' House to accommodate all these beauties! xx