Friday, 18 March 2016

Lynne Perrella Bird Cage Art Doll for PaperArtsy Challenge

I made this art doll with another of the Jean Paul Gaultier perfume bottles but this one has an embossed bronze corset design on it which is really pretty and I wanted to preserve it. I had intended to use this one as my make for PaperArtsy and to fill it with paint to keep the glossy surface but it proved to be impossible to remove the stopper. In trying to do so I broke the glass, quite neatly, but it was a bit too dangerous to recommend anyone to do on someone else's blog! So here I have filled it with Blush Fresco which looks so pretty and then sealed the top up again by making a 'neck' out of paper clay (only ever used oven bake before) and painted that with Blush too. I then stuck with bronze for the colour of my wings which are paper clay, made in a mould. I mixed Chocolate Pudding with some of new lush Copper Fresco, then used a little Copper on my finger for highlights.

The face is clay and is a gorgeous Lynne Perrella stamp, which I've coloured with Frescos and white gel pen. The base for the construction is a bird cage and bird I had in my stash (from Dunelm, I think) and a large spool. My dear friend, Julie Ann, had kindly lent me two feather Ink and the Dog minis. I had some brayered fabric left from when I made the fabric board for the transfer challenge a couple of weeks ago so I stamped them and cut them out and deliberately let the edges fray in a feathery sort of way. I wanted to follow through the bird/wings/feathers/bird cage theme. The feathers made a perfect skirt as they allow the cage to show. It's a shame you can't really see the colours in the fabric. The cage makes the skirt flare out nicely.

I finished off with some pearls and a button which I gave the choc pudding/copper paint treatment. I am entering this into the PaperArtsy art doll challenge.


  1. She is lovely Lucy great use of JPG bottle
    Amanda x

  2. She is gorgeous Lucy!! LP face is perfect and great idea of the bird and the birdcage. xx

  3. Brilliant. What a great way to recycle the JPG perfume bottle. Lx

  4. What a fabulous Art Doll it !!

    TFS and best wishes
    Annie xx

  5. This is so gorgeous! A good idea also.

  6. Inspired idea with the birdcage skirt - just like the hoops of a crinoline - another wonderful Art Doll.
    Alison x

  7. Wow Lucy, your doll is fantastic, love her face and the very inspired skirt! x

  8. Another amazing doll, Lucy! I'm so glad you incorporated the feathers! I love the birdcage skirt and that lovely LP face! What a beautiful collection of Jean-Paul Gaultier models you now have! You'll have to construct a catwalk for them! :) xx