Friday, 4 March 2011

Clay Topped Box with Seam Binding Flower

I recently discovered the art of a wonderful woman called Jean Franks Beck, and I loved her projects where she dyed seam binding. I tracked some down and got some for myself and Lynne M. I cut it into lengths and put them inside a pizza box and spritzed them with mica sprays, each piece in different colours. I scrunched them up tightly whilst waiting for them to dry. They keep their 'scrunch' really well. I then ran a running stitch along one side and gathered them up into a flower shape, securing them with a stitch in places.

 I tried out various things in the middle of the flower and finally settled on one of the earrings from the Primark jewellery, which is like a little cameo but with a floral centre in peach tones. I think I am getting my money's worth from the things I bought!

I am also getting the most from the perfume bottle as this is the box it came in! (My Mum had a very poor childhood and says they used to eat every part of the pig, including the squeak, and I think I am like that with my crafting). I painted the box bronze and then tried another technique which is new to me. I rolled out a piece of Fimo oven bake clay, cut around the box lid to get the shape, then pressed an embossing folder into it. I then highlighted the pattern with mica powders and metallic rub-ons. It is by no means perfect, but definitely something I will try again, and try to improve as I like the effect

In this photo I've shown the side view because a few of the friends who have been at my house recently have said they liked this ribbon. I had bought it specially, no expense spared, for my advent calendar, and had a little bit left. I got it from Hobbycraft.


  1. A lovely box with great textures! Don't you just love making the dyed seem binding, Its so great you can do any color you want!
    hugs Lynn

  2. OOh I love your box - it looks really effective!

  3. Wonderful box, Big Congrats on your win.

  4. Love both of them, thay seam binding flower is awesome, I will definitely case that. ~Diane

  5. This is lovely.
    The peach ribbon I gave you, you do know you can do the same with that - colour and scrunch.
    I've admired Jean's work for a long while but it is great to see her in CS.
    Lynne x
    (off to write an e-mail to you )

  6. Gorgeous little box, perfect for that gorgeous little bottle. xx

  7. Lovely box and the flower is beautiful! What a combo!

  8. The dyed seam binding rose is so wonderful and it's the perfect addition to the beautifully textured top of your box - never thought of using an embossing folder to impress clay. Great effect!

  9. Beautiful little box Lucy ;)
    so have you booked your flight yet ?? LOL
    isa x