Friday 15 July 2011

Frame with Art Mould Elephant, More Moulds, and an On-Line Course

This is a frame I made with the gorgeous new elephant stamp from Crafty Individuals. As soon as I saw it I thought it would go with my elephant art mould. I have used bronze mica powder on him. A couple of my friends have been crafting here this week and they both fancied this particular Krafty Lady mould (out of the millions I have collected over the years!). I love this new stamp as when I first saw it I thought it would be difficult to stamp out as the design part is in the recess so there is a lot of negative area to ink up, but in fact it stamped up perfectly the first time. I used Crafty Individuals' background papers (which I stamped directly onto) and their copper German scrap.

This next 'make' uses one of the very inexpensive mini frames from Crafty Individuals' Must Haves range. I covered it with tissue tape then smeared on some Rub Ons to add colour. The frame was made with one of my home-made moulds taken from a Tim Holtz ornate frame, and the fairy cameo is a beautiful mould kindly lent to me by Petra. I used the same Rub Ons on the raised areas.

I've have been giving this a lot of thought over the last couple of months and have decided to offer an on-line course. Several kind people have written to me asking for tutorials specifically on moulds and some of you are too far away to come over for a Play Date (although I will do an airport pick-up!), so I thought I would offer on-line tutorials for a very small charge to take account of my time in putting it together.

As you know if you have been on my blog before I use a lot of bought moulds but increasingly make my own. So I will cover both, as well as the different mediums you can use in your moulds, how to colour them, how to choose items that will mould well, and finishing off with some projects to use them in. I won't bore you with loads of items I have already blogged, but here are a few moulds I have picked out from my 'home-made 'bellies box'!

The little doll is a mould taken from the Tim Holtz fractured doll. Of course by making it yourself you can have whatever finish you want, and as it is flat-backed you can pop it on a wider range of projects.

As I was laying things out to photograph them I thought, 'how about the bird wings on the doll?'

Or Angel wings? This could be fun!

And finally, a little project made with a bird and a keyhole mould, and a home-made mould bird house!

I am going to offer another class on using tissue paper but I have gone on long enough for now. If you think you might be interested in either course and would like to know more,  please do either leave me a message here, or e mail me at


  1. Fab frame and love the embellishments !!

  2. Fabulous pieces Lucy, they have all worked so well.
    Glad you have decided to do the courses and I hope you get a good take-up. I will add the information to my next post.
    Have a good weekend.
    luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

  3. Lucy, I know I have mentioned this to you in the past and I would love to! If I can find the supplies here in the US, you can so count me in! Can you send a supply list ahead of time, so I can search. If I can't find them here, is there a shop in your neck of the world willing to ship here? These are so gorgeous! WooHoo!

  4. Would be very interested in your on-line courses. You've got some cool molds and I have recently become interested in making my own embellies, since I'm doing more mixed media. Will look forward to hearing more.

  5. Hi Lucy. These are all really lovely pieces. I thought exactly the same as you about the elephant stamp. The frame is super dooper!. Good luck with the courses.
    Regards Florence x

  6. Hi there Lucy, What beautiful frames and embellishments, clever you, Gay xxx

  7. Lucy, I've followed your blog for a while and love your work. This sounds like something I'd like to do! Please let me know the details of your class!

  8. Fab Lucy! Love the frames. Kim

  9. Love all your "moulds" & embellishments they are great Lucy!

  10. Beautiful frames Lucy as are your embelishments.
    xxx Hazel.

  11. Gorgeous projects Lucy! You are so clever at making those moulds, your embellishments all look brilliant! x

  12. Fabulous projects today. Would love to see yr on line courses esp the molding!