Wednesday 10 November 2010

Hand Decorated Ribbons with Mannequin Tags

Over on Gingersnap Creations Blogspot, the challenge is Sewing Notions. Not sure if we use the word Notions in this way in the UK so I checked, and it means the sewing bits and pieces such as zips, buttons, ribbons, poppers, etc. I've probably added to the language barrier now, as it is probably just me who says 'Poppers' - I think they are snaps in the US!

I think I have mentioned before on my blog that a sewing theme always appeals to me as it is genuinely nostalgic for me as my Mum has always sewn, on her old Singer sewing machine and by hand. Consequently I found it hard to narrow down my ideas for once, but plumped for something I felt might be a suitable Christmas gift for my crafting friends. I wanted to colour and rubber stamp some plain ribbons, and wrap them around mountboard mannequins to give the effect of bought 'carded ribbons', with a sewing theme.

First of all, I cut out mannequin shapes on mountboard and coloured them with Pro Markers. I then stamped them with images from the Creative Expressions Vintage Sewing stamp set, which you can get from the Altered Element. I then used circle punches to make shrink plastic buttons, coloured and stamped in the same way.

I then coloured the ribbons with Pro Markers (love how well these colour ribbon!), and stamped some of the text and images onto them.

Finally I wrapped the ribbons around the matching mannequins and fastened them with pins, which had been topped with co-ordinating beads.


  1. Your mannequins are stunning stamped collages Lucy! Love the stamped ribbons & shrink buttons! xx

  2. Lovely, I am a sewer/sewist/dressmaker at heart and love the look of these. Sew cute!

  3. A wonderful, ingenious project! Love the colors you chose, too. Helene aka 2amscrapper

  4. Lucy, loved reading the story of your memories.
    You know I am addicted to ribbons, plain, pattern, stamped, vintage, love them all. A lucky person whoever receives such a gift. Lynne x

  5. Lucy -

    These are just beautiful! I really love how they turned out! Did you create the pattern for the mannequins? Just a lovely project. Puts me in mind of all the school uniforms, dolly tote bags and such my grandmother used to make for me when I was little.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Elaine Allen

  6. Wow Lucy these are fab and you've put so much work into them. I notice you use a pin and not a bow to secure the ribbon - did you not have a spare finger, lol. xx

  7. would have never of thought of colouring ribbon with Promarkers...thanks for sharing.

  8. Fab mannequin tags, Lucy! Great idea!

  9. Very clever! Love these tags!

  10. Cuter than cute SEW perfect!
    Thanks Lucy for entering my giveaway and best of luck!
    hugs Lynn