Saturday 4 September 2010

Gingersnaps September Muse Interview and Create Blooming Art

Sitting here in my jimjams but thought I had better let you know that it looks as if I have been busy during the night as my interview is up on the Gingersnaps Blog. I mentioned before that Ali and Shar had asked me if I would like to choose the items or should they, and I was happy for them to choose. They have chosen a nice variety of things. The one I chose as my own favourite was the first one I blogged with, the Artist Palette Wall Hanging, using the Artistic Stamper Artist Plate;-

I have a tutorial on the site on Monday which I do hope you will like, and which also uses the Artist Plate, which is one of my favourites.

I am joining in some of the challenges on Gingersnaps this month and I hope you will too, as there are some great themes.

Over on the Artistic Stamper Creative Team Blog I have a little wall hanging using a new frame Jennie has brought out, with the new Flower Blooms stamps. The depth of the frame was perfect for tiny dominoes.

Sorry I started to type this earlier and got hit by a bad head but I thought I should say I am not still in my pyjamas at 4.30 pm! I would like to say a huge Thank You to Shar and Ali for giving me the opportunity to be their September Muse. Just to show that I don't take myself too seriously, and that I don't have a big head as well as a bad head, I thought I would give you the alternative interview with me, as I don't often share much personal and non-arty information. So here are a few facts about me that you probably don't know, mixed in with some bare-faced lies:-

- My Mum and I once went for a swim in the sea with Cliff Richard, just the three of us,

- When I was a kid I drank some bleach and ate a tube of Airfix Glue (on separate occasions) - Mum had the Toxic Substances Advice Line on Speed Dial!

- Not known for my drinking, I went to a Hen Night in California, got very drunk, smoked a cigar, hit my head on the underside of a table, and woke everyone up coming home at 4 am singing 'Wey Hey we're the Monkees' (and I swear I don't know the words),

- I worked in a Psychiatric Hospital for 16 years and one of the delusional and psychotic patients said I was the loveliest girl who worked there!

- At a dinner-dance at the Hilton, the waiter dropped 8 portions of steak chasseur on me from a great height, smothering me from head to toe, including my hair, in front of 200 people. They let out huge cheers and clapped as I exited the room, and the staff had to sponge me down in the ladies' changing room.

Don't think even those of you who come for play-dates at my house will know if all this is true - we will see!


  1. I believed them all Lucy! Me & my mum once went swimming with Elvis! ;o) Off to visit the ASCT blog! xx

  2. You'll be a great muse Lucy and your tutorials will be fasinating enjoy yourself.

    Umm your little known facts now there is some food for thought they are all believable. xx Zoe

  3. Loving your palette piece !!

  4. I can see why you love these stamps on the pallet I have taken a fancy to these my self YUMMY and wll have to have a nosey for the official GSC Interview lol this one however is very funny abet the toxic one is true or is is false I am not so sure now lol I hope the waiter one was false because if all I got was a sponge down in the ladies I would have been furious!!!

    enjoy being the Muse xx

    Love Dawn xx

  5. Is that the picture of you I saw at Hen Night in California! You are just so funny! Not sure which "facts" are true or not, but they sure are fun! Congratulations for being the September Muse! Love the interview there also, but love the sense of humor twist!

  6. Great facts or are they???? now come on tell or show us

  7. Congrats on becoming the September muse for Gingersnap. Love the Artist pallette

  8. That pallet is just too cool for words

  9. Fabulous pallette. I really like that a lot.