Tuesday 29 June 2010

'He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not' Daisy Game - Upcycling Project

When I first received this item from Lynne at the Altered Element, for this month's DT Upcycling project, I didn't immediately realize it was a child's noughts and crosses game. It may just have been me being thick, but I prefer to think of it as 'thinking outside the box'!! as I thought the symbols X and O depicted Love and Hugs!

I decided to go with my first thought, and also that I wouldn't dismantle the box as I liked the mechanism with the cubes spinning round within the compartment, and I knew I couldn't replicate anything with any kind of engineering! I thought of the children's game where you pull the petals off a daisy and chant, 'He Loves Me', 'He Loves Me Not' and see what you end up with on the final petal. As there was a daisy and other flowers in the stamp set provided, I though this would work. Here are the stamps:

They are very 'clean and contemporary' compared to my usual choices, but that was ideal as the purpose of this month's product challenges was stamping on a variety of surfaces, some of which work best with simple and open designs without too much detail.

What you will Need:-

Translucent Shrink Plastic
Deko Ice in Amber
Narrow ribbon to co-ordinate
White Opaque Pen
Distress Inks
Cosmic Shimmer Sprays
Artemio Flower and Bird stamps

All available from the Altered Element.

You will also need an alphabet set of stamps.

What you will Need to Do:-

1. Make 3 A4 masterboards using the distress inks spritzed on a craft sheet method, and sponging through sequin waste to add interest - have one dark, one medium, and one paler sheet. Do some water flicking as well. Stamp a selection of the floral stamps from the set onto the darkest piece.

2. Ink or paint any edges of the 'box' that will show after card has been applied. Cut and glue strips of the darkest masterboard piece around the edges of the box, and the dividing struts, line the inside of each compartment with the medium coloured piece, and the fronts of the spinning cubes with the palest colour.

3. Cut the shrink into rectangles, 6 x 5 centimetres. Stamp half with 'He Loves Me' and half with 'He Loves Me Not', on the glossy side. Spritz a pale colour Cosmic Shimmer onto your craft sheet and sponge colour onto the rougher side. Heat to shrink and adhere to the cubes as shown.

4. Stamp the daisy onto the grungeboard. Colour the petals with a white opaque pen. Cut out and cut into the petals so that they splay out a little. Fill the center with the Deco Ice.

5. To finish, adhere ribbon around the edges of the sides to give a neat finish, and add your daisy.


  1. Erm...I didn't realise it was noughts & crosses either! :-) I love what you've done with this, Lucy - it's gorgeous! Many thanks :-)

  2. aw how sweet that you thought it was hugs and love, love what you have created its somethng that would sit on a desk and look really cool and you could play with it. well i would love it on my desk.

  3. This is great. That stamp set has such a fresh vibe to it. TFS this Lucy. Lynne x

  4. How pretty! I have one of these sitting around my craft room - must do something with it!

  5. Just fabby Lucy, I have the exact same one of these boards lurking from a charity shop heist a few months ago and haven't had chance to play yet...llove what you did :O)) x

  6. This is lovely, what a brilliant idea Lucy! xx

  7. Clever idea, Lucy, I love the way you've done it too!

  8. oh this is brilliant! I have had one of these in my box of things to do for a while now, but never had any inspiration