Monday 3 May 2010

Post Script on Mould N Pour

Before I do a new blog posting, I just wanted to come back about Mould N Pour as one or two people have said they were considering getting some. Don't take my comments as gospel because my experiments are limited, but with my second batch of the stuff I was really pleased, and am now on my third and will blog the results soon (haven't actually made the items into anything yet!). The first time I used it was to wrap around the heads of some children's toy animals and I wasted the whole pack. Eventually my tiger was ok, but more like a wolf, and used up too much product! The second time I made 12 moulds I was very happy with, so about £1 for a mould which is exclusive to you, and also means you can use found items, or something where you want to replicate the original so you don't have to part with it. I have found fairly shallow items work best. UTEE and the melt pot work very well as your medium, and also Friendly Plastic, which you can get from the Altered Element.

I am normally a huge fan of Fimo but it doesn't work so well in the Mould N Pour moulds as it has to be oven-dried, so you have to squidge it out of the mould first which results in spoiling the shape. Oven-dry clay might be better. But I have been amazed at the intricate detail I have achieved with Friendly Plastic. You can enhance it with Rub N Buff, etc.

I will always love my Krafty Lady art moulds from the Stamp Bug as it wouldn't be possible to make these myself, but you can create something unique with the Mould N Pour.

So I am a convert. Watch this space for some more moulded items! You can get the Mould N Pour from the Altered Element or from the Artistic Stamper.

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