Tuesday 24 November 2009

Christmas Tree Ornaments and Gifts - Samples for my Class

Did I mention how much I am enjoying teaching my great students? Well, ok, but I will say it again! We have now come to the end of the 6 week Introduction to Card Making class and they have come on in leaps and bounds. I am being allowed an extra two weeks with them to do some pre-Christmas rubber stamping and papercrafting. I have made these samples for the first of the two classes. There is a selection of wooden children's domino tree decorations, and each one is backed with faux metal, which you can see on the one on the left. There is also a mini frame, the pieces for which have been cut in the Cuttlebug, and then the Mirri card has been embossed with the Christmas bauble folder. I want to show my group some little tricks such as dipping the edges of the domino in embossing powder, and colouring ribbon with permanent markers to match your colourscheme. I have also made a little mirrored handbag compact similar to the ones I made a couple of weeks back, which I hope the students will enjoy making as gifts. I have used some of the glossy images from Crafty Individuals.

I am sure, knowing my group, they will come up with plenty of ideas of their own!


  1. These all look fabulous Lucy! Wish I was in your class! xx

  2. Ooo They look great Lucy -can't wait for Thursday. We all so appreciate all the interesting projects you have for us each week,and learning all the new techniques. I have got to work out somewhere to put a proper craft space as my dining room table is permanently swamped with craft stuff :) Jude x

  3. These look great and should really inspire your class.