Sunday 4 October 2009

We Three Kings of Orient Are

I realize now that I labelled the JPEG, The Three Kings, which sounds more as though I'd been off to pick up beer mats from the pub, than the biblical reference it was meant to be! Sorry that this canvas is rather like the Three Wise Men from the other day, but I wanted to upload it, having made the very fiddly crowns. I stamped them on shrink plastic but they were a little large for the scale, so I re-did them, carefully trimming a little bit away from the bottom border and cutting as much of the white away as possible. I coloured them with dry Inktense pencils and a gold pen, and added some little red gems. I haven't shown the sides but I have stamped Peace and Joy and the Crowns around the sides. The embellishment at the top of the canvas is another of the die cut pieces, painted gold, from the Craft Obsessions pack, which is going such a long way!

The other canvas was much smaller, and I quite fancy re-doing this one in the same size, and then a third one (I like working in threes) with just the text on, so that they match and can be arranged together on a wall.

My next blog posting will definitely be something a bit different - especially for me!


  1. Super canvas, love the colour !!

  2. You are certainly getting us into the festive spirit (oops did not intend the pub pun!) Lynne x

  3. Hey the crowns came out really well :)