Friday, 31 October 2014

Christmas Gift Bags with Stencilling inspired by Lelainia Lloyd

I really liked Lelainia Lloyd's idea of decorating your own Christmas gift bags using a stencil and a vibrant Lynne Perrella image and Portfolio Pastels over on the Paper Artsy blog. I only had very small gift bags and it was difficult to fit in both stencilling and the image so I have tried out one on each side and not stuck the image down yet. I will get some larger bags and experiment some more.

I decided to try Sara Naumann's idea of tinting the grungepaste with reinkers instead of Frescos which I would normally use. I thought Brilliance reinkers would be perfect for Christmas as they are shimmery but it made the mix too wet and, combined with the uneven surface of the bag, caused a bit of seepage. So, not my best bit of stencilling! I sprinkled some copper glitter on whilst the grungepaste was still wet and for a Christmas look I really liked this.

My friend was here whilst I was using the Portfolios which she hadn't seen before and she thought they looked fun! I hadn't had such great results before so I looked at Leandra's tutorial under The Classroom section on the blog and followed the instructions there and got the vibrant result I was looking for. I felt like a kid playing during half term week, having a good scribble with my crayons!

I finished off the bag with some of the Damask patterned tissue from Paper Artsy. I am entering the challenge here.


  1. I adore Portfolio Pastels Lucy, they are so easy to use and blend so well, plus it is easy to remove colour from areas too.

    Gorgeous bag, love the tag, your stencilling is brilliant :-) xxx

  2. This is such fun Lucy. I love the way that you experiment with different materials! Xx

  3. You're making up for lost time! Love your bag and you are right stencils & image would have been too much for this size of bag.

  4. I love this idea! It looks great! Lucy, this month you are on fire with ideas! Your projects are all really lovely compliments to the designers who have inspired us so much. You have taken these ideas and made them your own! xxx

  5. Nice!!! The copper glitter on the stenciling really makes it pop and your image has beautiful colors!!!