Saturday, 6 July 2013

Distress Stains Canvas Board - Sue Carrington at Paper Artsy

Over on the Paper Artsy blog this week, Sue Carrington is back! I love Sue's work and I was lucky enough to meet her briefly at Ally Pally this year. I was really inspired by the canvas board piece she made and have stuck as closely to her inspiration as my supplies allowed, for my challenge entry piece:-

I have used a smaller canvas board than Sue used, a 5 x 7. I need to try to make items which either take up less space or are useful. Colin has told me this week I have to 'get rid' of all my 'art work' that has been on the mantelpiece in the living room. He didn't use the word 'art work' actually. So I will be offering things to anybody who comes round to craft! Fortunately I don't feel any attachment to things once I have made them; the fun is in the making, so I'm not bothered. I started off by stamping with Frescos on some old telephone directory sheets from France. I haven't had such fun since Helen Chilton was last on Paper Artsy, so thank you, Sue! I made a couple of sheets as I thought they would be useful for future projects. They are real people so please don't call any of them up (the French people I mean, not Sue and Helen):-

I remember years ago stamping with paint and giving it up as a bad job, but this was great. I don't know whether it is to do with the quality of the PA stamps or the Frescos, or a combination of the two, but you do actually get a good clarity of stamping. I love the viscosity and vibrancy of paint compared to inks. I chose the French directory because I wanted to use this Hot Picks image with the Eiffel tower. I added some cogs which are cut from the Tim die in shrink plastic, then dabbed with Versamark and two types of embossing powder before shrinking, for a rusty look (I think I used some Vintage Photo ep - sounding vague here as they were in my pre-made embellishment stash).

This is the base of the canvas before I added the main image. I used the harlequin mask with Bora Bora mixed into the Grunge Paste as per Sue, highlighted with Ice Fire Treasure Gold, and similar colours of Distress Stain although I think I will try to pick up Squeezed Lemonade at Newbury Art Stamps tomorrow as I didn't have that one and I think it would have lightened it. I used the flourish from the Hot Picks set in Snowflake to try to lighten the effect although maybe my stains were a bit damp as they sucked up the whiteness a bit.

 I used a bit of the pink washi tape I made following Darcy's instructions last week with a stamped button I saved from when I made the wooden block when Helen was on some time ago. I love how the bits and pieces we are learning, are starting to build up over the weeks!

Ok, I feel I'm rambling today and explaining things in a very back to front order. I took some migraine tablets yesterday which have left me feeling very odd as some of you have witnessed before! So I shall leave it at that.




  1. Very cool canvas, Lucy! I love the (French) telephone directory as a base, and the colours are so fresh and vibrant throughout - great to add the handmade washi tape too... fabulous!
    Alison x

  2. Terrific canvas Lucy, fab colours
    Janet x

  3. Great canvas, lovely and bright!

  4. Love your take on Sue's canvas, I've kept mine small too!

  5. A great canvas - I must give this a try xx

  6. Beautiful, Lucy--did you make this with me in mind? Those are very much the colors I'm reaching for these days!


  7. I really enjoyed this post; I don't think it was rambling at all! I so agree about how all the techniques one learns over the weeks on PA can go together - great fund of inspiration and tips. I love your canvas, lovely colours and images. Julie Ann xx

  8. This is lovely Lucy! Great design and I love the eclectic colour palette you've used. Fab! Hope you feel better soon. Chris xxx

  9. Lucy, only just saw your comment on the tag screen post, but I have now blogged about Newbury!! And this looks fabulous, by the way!!!

  10. Great canvas Lucy.
    Stamping with paint is always great fun but it is true that different paints provide different results.
    Like your colour palette.

  11. A lovely piece Lucy. Hope you had a great day at Newbury.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  12. That is a fab piece of art Lucy !

  13. Lucy, I love this canvas! So much interest and the colors are glorious! Enjoy the week! Hugs!

  14. What a fabulous project! I love your stamped background Lucy!
    Cheeky Colin! I'm sure any of your visitors would appreciate your beautiful art, & give it a good home!
    Alison xx