Sunday, 13 May 2012

Blog Candy Clasp Bag Draw

Thank you so much for joining in my clasp bag blog candy draw. Well if you know me by now, you will have guessed I wouldn't be able to cope with a random number generator malarkey - way beyond me! But I can cope with writing names on bits of paper and drawing them out of a hat! I have never done a blog candy before (too poor!), and I am now thinking, oooh, I want to give something to everyone who has joined in. Do you feel like that when you do one?

Without further ado, the name pulled out of the hat is:-

Ephemera! And what a wonderful lady she is too. It is a bit 'Coals to Newcastle' to send you a bag, Paula, when mine are such a poor imitation of the gorgeous ones you have made which have so inspired me and given me such pleasure, but hopefully a fitting thank you. I hope you will accept it in the spirit of a gift from a grateful fan, and I hope one day we will get to meet and craft together. Please drop me a line with your address.

Hope everyone is having a good Sunday. I have hit another bad spot in our sagas, not for any one particular reason, just feeling low and that I have run out of steam with the chaos and everything that needs doing. The builders seem to be a good bunch and are cracking on very fast now with our house. I think the adrenaline kept me going for the first couple of months but the whole process has dragged on so long that my health and strength are not holding out and I desperately want some stability and to have my life back. I don't cope well with unheaval and uncertainty. I know I have an awful lot right now that I should be feeling grateful about, especially when I think how grim the outlook was at first, but I am afraid I have just had enough.


  1. Congratulations to Paula, I am sure she will love this bag Lucy.
    Hold in there my friend, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel now, even though I know there is still so much to do.
    How did you get on with your canvas?
    hugs {brenda} xox

  2. Just remember, 'this too will pass', Lucy. Easy to say, I know. But in the meantime do take care of yourself. And I am sure Paula will love the bag.

  3. Congratulations to Paula and am sure she will love it Lucy. Sorry to hear you are feeling down again Lucy, hopefully next week you will be able to see things more clearly. Annette x

  4. Lovely bag, can't imagine the upheaval you've been going through, but as others have said, it will end (honest!) . If your ever planning a trip to the Stamp Bug let me know (not that I need an excuse to shop for stash!).

  5. Hi Lucy, what a really lovely surprise :-)your bag is absolutely beautiful and I'm so excited as this will be the first craft item received from a blogging friend. Thank you so much. I just wish you were having an easier time of it. I can't imagine what your going through and really hope you are able to get some stability back in your life as soon as possible. Take care. xx

  6. Congratulations, Paula! I know you will enjoy this lovely bag! Lucy, I am sending you happy thoughts and I think we would all feel quite the same! It is so hard what you have been through, but just know in time all will be just wonderful and this will just be one of those stories! Hugs my friend!

  7. Keep on keeping on, Lucy! It will all end soon, and you will be able to get back to normal before you know it.

  8. Your bags are beautiful Lucy! Just been having a wander through your blog.... :-)
    Hope things improve for you soon BTW.

  9. Lucy your bags are absolutely gorgeous, I love them all. Chin up! Your problems will be a distant memory before you know it!! Good luck
    Jill x x x x