Friday, 15 February 2013

Paper Artsy Lynne Perella and Fresco Finish Canvas

I am still really enjoying the series of guest artists and the You Tube videos on the Paper Artsy blog, featuring Fresco Finish paints and various other Paper Artsy products.This week's guest is Helen Chilton who I have been a fan of such a long time I am afraid of seeming like a bit of a stalker. They are also featuring some new products which is very exciting. This canvas was a bit of a rushed job as I didn't really have time and hadn't intended to embark on a new project but was totally captivated by Leandra's video which you can see here. It is about 40 minutes long and I watched it twice and was completely spell-bound - she either spent hours making it or is a natural educator. I was in France when I watched it the first time and really wanted to get back so I could give it a go. Unfortunately whilst I was away our closest friend over there, Martin, died. I had to come home on the planned flight to take Mum for a doctor's appointment, and then fly back to France five days later, hence this canvas being far from perfect, but it was a bit of fun during a stressful week so I'm glad I did it. I will definitely have another go when I have more time.

You will need to watch the video for details of Leandra's technique but basically I followed what she said to the letter, stamping the Lynne Perella stamps onto Crackly Tissue Paper with Versafine in Onyx Black, heat setting it, then painting from behind with Fresco Finish Paints. I stamped the harlequin/script stamp which is an old Paper Artsy mini using Snowflake applied with cut n dry foam. I didn't have a script stamp which is what Leandra used, which would have been much better. I also couldn't find my chunky canvases which I know are up in the loft somewhere so I will have another search for next time. I went a bit wrong as for some reason I thought Leandra had said Snowflake for the face, and Vintage Lace for the cheeks, but it should have been Vintage Lace for the face and a pink for the cheeks. I could do with bullet points on the blog to accompany the video so I can follow things and not go adrift as there was such a lot to remember.

This was such a great technique and definitely something I wouldn't have tried without the video to guide me, so thank you very much to Paper Artsy for the wonderful 'product support' and the great blog tutorials. Mine is not up to Leandra's standard but I will try harder next time and blog my next attempt! In the meantime I am linking this in to the PA blog 
as I have used Fresco paints, Crackly tissue Paper, and Lynne Perella Stamps. Many thanks to my kind friend Petra for supplying me with the tissue and the stamps.


  1. Aren't the videos fabulous? I have watched them over and over. I think you've done brilliantly in the circumstances and I think your tissue image looks great! Sorry about your friend.

  2. Lucy, die Karte ist sehr schön, und ich liebe Lynne Perrellas Stempel.
    Die Videos sind super!

    Liebe Grüße
    und dir alles Gute und viel Kraft

  3. Gorgeous Lucy, love the centre panel x

  4. Lucy, this is stunning! I love the vibrant background! Sorry to hear of your friend passing. Sounds as if we both had had a little extra stress as of late! Have a great weekend! Hugs!

  5. The bold colours are perfect for this image, love how the central panel really stands out. Sorry to hear about your friend, hope the week to come is much less stressful for you.

  6. How fabulous ! I agree, Lucy, I've been loving all the guests over at PA and can't wait to play with my (en route) Fresco paints.

  7. This is gorgeous, love the colours!

  8. Your canvas is wonderful- I am just learning to do canvas' and love all of the fresh links I can find! Thanks : )

  9. Oh it is Beautiful Lucy and I do hope the funeral went as well as can be expected for these things. I hope you are doing ok with the loss. It is just horrible to go through so my heart if with you.
    Huge good luck with my BSSBS tickets giveaway and thanks for popping by as well :)

  10. A fabulous piece Lucy. Love the colour combo and the LP stamp. I have emailed you so will catch up soon.
    Hugs Brenda xox

  11. A wonderful canvas Lucy - I haven't watched the videos yet so must put it on my to do list.
    xxx Hazel.

  12. Hi Lucy!
    Shamefully, I don't seem to have been Following you - all sorted now!
    Thanks so much for your lovely comments today - not a lot of sleep, no, but just enough - and having no husband/children to have to run around after means when my time's my own workwise, it really is MY OWN!!
    Punctuation stamps - yes, yes, yes... very annoyed that there are no colons and semi-colons, and I keep having to use the top of an exclamation mark as an apostrophe!!
    Alison xx

  13. Fabulous canvas, love the colours and your background. So pleased you found time to create during such a stressful time. Tracy x